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Beard Grooming Kit - Beard grooming is not a lost art, the beard trend is holding long and strong. The beard needs gentle grooming to keep the hair smooth and your skin soft underneath. Growing a beard means investing in more than a razor, it means investing in a good beard grooming kit and use it regularly. Our kit assembled a collection of beard grooming tools to get you started. Also, our grooming kit is actually a great useful gift. Do that special someone a favour this holiday season.


                                        Your New Perfect Style

It seems beards are trending in men’s fashion in 2018, no seriously, we have graphs that prove it. This so-called “generational difference” is somewhat non-existent, and more millennials and folks from generation-x are sporting beards of various sizes and shape. We would be lying if we said we weren’t impressed by some of the beards men are sporting these days; What we’ve found is that people (employers, parents, and people who matter) still don’t like unkempt hobo-esque looks. Beards that are properly groomed and well kept are still favored and truly look awesome.

Product description


Grow and care your sign of masculinity!

Our kit gathers a collection of beard tools to give you a very attractive, masculine look, a power that will improve your life.



With two smoothing, de-tangling, anti-static comb sides for heads, moustaches, facial hair are one of the top options for serious beards men. Due to its shape, you can style your beard how do you want

  • Made of strong, light and tactile natural pear wood.

Size 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm



Not only will remove impurities and untangle your beard, it will also exfoliate and keep the skin healthy underneath. Furthermore, it can be introduced near the start of your beard-growing journey

  • High-quality boar bristles.
  • Very good density.
  • The oval shape design is appropriate and comfortable for your hands.

Size 10.5 cm x 6.2 cm x 4 cm



Is an essential beauty tool designed to allow an accurate trimming and cutting.

Made from high-quality stainless steel.

Sharp blades and safe.

Multi-functional, it can be used for trimming, remover your facial hair - beard, nose, ear hair, or eyebrow.

Precision cut for ultimate control.

Size 12 cm x 5 cm



  • 100% natural cotton material.
  • Great to keep your beard tools



Elegant cute gift box with magnetic closing claps makes it a great present for Fathers Day, Valentines Day, 10 year, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th Birthday Anniversary, Christmas Day or any special event for men with beards.

Size 16 cm x 12.5 cm x 5 cm



mens Comb beard


100% PURE PEARWOOD – the second most expensive wood in the world


THE THERAPEUTICAL AND RELAXING NATURAL  on your beard hair for a long time

HANDMADE beard&mustache comb. Also great for any head hair type.

A High Quality Handmade, Pear Wood Comb - A wooden comb comes with plenty of benefits. Our wooden combs, in addition to looking mighty fancy, do not generate any static like their plastic brethren. The fibers in the wood also help to spread the natural oils around for healthier hair. Wooden, tooth combs tend to glide through hair smoothly even if the beard hair is dry.

Size:12.5x12.5  cm.

brush beard


Our beard brush are made of natural boar bristle hair. The bristles of Boars Bristle Brush are the best at evenly distributing oil in a beard. By spreading the oils, you naturally nourish the dry hair, making it softer. The more you brush your beard, the straighter it becomes. By brushing your beard, you also stimulate blood flow to the facial hair follicles offering yourself a relaxing experience.

THE BRISTLES will not fall out – well fixed for a long-term use

As LUXURY ITEMS, this locust high-quality wood handle is 5 times dyed and polished

Size: 10.5cm x 6.2cm x 4cm


Grooming Scissors - Stainless steel sturdy scissors, great for a quick trim. You will get a cut similar to what you see with a razor, and having more control about the beard shape.

ERGONOMIC - Our  Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissor is great for salon workers, barbers, and personal usage as well! Its distinctive easy grip handle design allows the scissor to cradle fingers, delivering a confident haircut every time!

Size: 12.5cm

beard scissors
Gift Magnetic Box

Gift Magnetic Box

Gift Magnetic Box - A luxury gift box with magnetic closing claps, completely reusable. It will get all the tools you need in one package.Size 16 cm x 12.5 cm x 5 cm. Whether for yourself or someone else, a beard kit is an easy way to keep your beard looking and feeling great!Best of luck with ´´all in one´´ of your beard care needs!

cotton bag

Cotton Bag

Cotton Bag - A handmade eco-friendly cotton bag for travel use, ready to store your beard tools.

mens gifts

Thank you to upgrade your Beard Care Routine with us!

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