Face Shape

What Face Shape Am I?

How do you determine what shape your face is? It’s simple. First, arm yourself with a flexible tape measure. Then, take the following measurements, recording each as you go:

Forehead: Measure across your face from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch.

Cheekbones: Measure across your cheekbones, starting and ending at the pointiest part below the outer corner of each eye. Measure from tip of your chin to below your ear at the point at which your jaw angles upwards. Multiply that number by two to get your jawline measurement.

Face Length: Measure from the centre of your hairline to the tip of your chin.


If you recognise yourself in this shape, try not to look too smug as you read on. With an oval face, you can get away with a variety of beard types that other men can’t. This versatility comes from being the owner of both square and round features, meaning you don’t really need to balance anything out. All you need to focus on is keeping your beard looking its best.


While a strong, square jaw is something many men would gladly trade their patch-filled beard for, it does have its limitations when choosing to extend a five o’clock shadow into something more serious.

You don’t want a beard that is going to over-exaggerate what you already have and turn you in a square beard with sharp lines and right angles will not be flattering with a broad jawline.To complement this face shape, you need to ensure that the chin area is rounded or triangular.

square face
oval face


Cultivating a large, unkempt beard will, in this case, only serve to turn your head into a bowling ball. So to combat this, you need to work the angles. A rounded face shape benefits from having a triangular-shaped style,\Opt for a beard that is shorter on the cheeks and longer towards the chin for a look that’s truly flattering.


A rectangle is a longer face shape. Therefore, having your beard styled long, triangular or pointy at the chin will do you no favours. Having fuller cheeks on a beard will give the impression of a slightly wider jaw, ensuring the attention is taken away from the length of the face altogether.

round face
rectangular face

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